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5 minutes with Esri Australia’s Training Coordinator

Meet Isabel Duncan – Esri Australia’s Training Coordinator. Isabel has been in the role for four months – and has already worked closely with many of our users on their training needs. To give you a little more insight into Isabel, she spent five minutes in the hot seat, answering all our questions.


Tell us about your role as the Esri Australia Training Coordinator – what are you responsible for?

Isabel Duncan: I assist in the organisation of over 250 scheduled training courses and 100 client exclusive training courses throughout the year. This involves: advising customers of the next step in their current training pathway based on their knowledge level; organising client exclusive courses for organisations; and, managing the logistics and enrolments of weekly scheduled training courses.

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Jumpstart your career in GIS with a trip to the Esri User Conference

Now a year into my graduateship at Esri Australia, I cannot help but look back on what an incredible time of growth I have experienced professionally. I’ve been given the opportunity to meet and work with talented GIS specialists on fun and interesting projects using the ArcGIS platform such as the Channel 7 Election Maps, interesting story maps and many other projects.  As a current student, I am sure you’re looking towards next year and wondering where your GIS degree is going to take you.


Attending the Esri User Conference (Esri UC) as an Esri Australia Young Scholar, will certainly help you get your career into high gear! Can you ever remember meeting with thousands of GIS employers at once? No? Me either. At the Esri UC you will not only be given the opportunity to present your work at the world’s largest spatial conference but meet Esri President and Founder, Jack Dangermond. This is sure to bring a highlight to any career and a boost to your job search!

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A golden ticket to a global audience at the Esri UC

As a recent graduate I can attest to the competitive nature of jobs in the GIS industry – with several hundred applying for the inaugural graduate program here at Esri AustraliaI have recently heard several GIS industry experts discuss this challenge at the SSSI Young Professionals workshop, where marketing ‘Brand YOU’ was seen as vital to landing your dream job. While sitting an Esri technical certification exam can be a useful point of difference on your job application, I want to share an exciting opportunity that will truly make you a standout candidate. The Esri Young Scholars Award is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase your research to the largest GIS gathering in the world – the Esri International User Conference (Esri UC).


The Esri UC takes place between the 14th – 18th of July in San Diego this year and brings together more than 15,000 geospatial experts from around the world to learn about real-world applications of GIS, showcase the latest advancements in the ArcGIS Platform and share ideas among like-minded individuals. Esri founder Jack Dangermond will be on hand to meet the Australian university recipient of the Esri Young Scholars Award, an opportunity that last year’s recipient Rodolfo Espada said was, “a truly unique experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

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Ozri 2013: Planet GIS Snapshot (Day 2)


After stepping out of an incredible plenary session and indulging on the delectable spread, I made my way over to see Esri’s Ismael Chivite and our very own Keera Pullman present on “What’s new in 10.2”. Now that 10.2 has landed I was excited to learn about all the new functionality and enhancements in quality, performance and security.

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Ozri 2013: Plenary Snapshot


We kicked off day two of Ozri 2013 with an incredible plenary session. There was an undeniable buzz and energy about the place, creating a uniqueness of an excitement.

Plenary - 1To set the scene, our MC – ABC’s Beverley O’Connor – welcomed us to this year’s Ozri with the theme “A Spatial Odyssey”. She then introduced Managing Director of Esri Australia, Brett Bundock – who gave the audience one of his customary warm welcomes. Brett took us through what this year’s conference theme means to him – a GIS journey through WebGIS, which has opened up many new opportunities and capabilities with regards to data, analysis, management, and consumption – revolutionising the way we see GIS today.

And so, the journey begins…

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Local Government ELA- when the GIS department is not enough

Across the board, we are seeing the use of GIS maturing into the enterprise space, with Local Governments leading the charge. Local Governments are realising that it is no longer good enough to just rely on the GIS department to answer their location questions. Continue reading

Technology from 2010 and What’s Next

2010… where did that go?  The year has seen the release of a major version of ArcGIS, and some technology trends maturing to a point that makes them key to an organisation’s strategy in 2011 and beyond.  But first, let’s discuss ArcGIS 10. Continue reading

GeoDesign Defined

I’m really passionate about GeoDesign because of my background in landscape architecture. There are so many similarities in landscape architecture and GeoDesign – in fact, during my university days, one of the greatest challenges was integrating GIS into the design curriculum. I think it is more standard to have GIS in the design curriculum  nowadays, but GIS is still not a standard tool used by designers.

On a personal level, something I’d like to see is how GIS can be better integrated with design workflows. I am especially interested in ideas and feedback from GIS users and designers on how GeoDesign can bring us a step closer to a more holistic design approach – so feel free to comment on this post and we can get a conversation going!

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Ozri 2011: Call for Papers NOW OPEN!

If you’re a client of ours, then you’ll know, Ozri is kind of a big deal for us! It’s our annual national user conference where clients, business partners and colleagues from all around Australia get together to share ideas and talk about the latest happenings in location intelligence. It’s a really great event, an excellent opportunity to network with other GIS professionals and the perfect place to get inspired about what GIS can do for you, your organisation and the world.

Ozri is massive – hundreds of people fly in from around the country for it – and it’s something we really look forward to putting on. Which is why I wanted to let you know that today, we have officially put out the Call for Papers! If you’ve had a great experience with location intelligence, or have a GIS that others should know about, then you should get involved! Continue reading