Heard about Esri Technical Certification?

Some of you may have heard murmurings about Esri Technical Certification. Esri have spent the last year working on the program, developing exams focussed around the desktop, database, and enterprise environments. Beta testing started in July, with a few staff from Esri Australia involved in testing the exams at the UC.  There was quite a bit of buzz in San Diego about the program, especially around the important question, what will it mean for us as GIS users? Esri talked about the concept in their Q&A for the 2010 Esri International User Conference.

The most obvious advantage is that it will be a way to demonstrate what we know about Esri GIS products. However, to me the real benefit is the potential it creates to build an active GIS community.

I’m sure you’re all eager to get more information about the program and start working out the logistics. I’d expect we’ll find information filtering through over the next few months. If you’re reading this blog post then you’re in the right place to find out more – continue reading the Esri Australia blog and subscribe to our newsletters. We’ll continue sharing more about the program and how we can all get involved.

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