Introducing… Dekho 3.1!!!


It’s here. We are excited to let you know that Dekho 3.1 has officially been released!    
Dekho 3.1As you can tell, we’re pretty excited by the launch of Dekho 3.1 which adds some cool new functionalities and capabilities to our geographic web application server….

 How is Dekho 3.1 different?  Well, in a nutshell, it’s simply a better product. We spent around nine months developing, consolidating and improving Dekho. So, song and dance aside, what’s makes this version of  Dekho so cool (well in our opinion anyway, we hope you agree)…   

 Some of my favourite highlights include…      



Integrate to any line of business system
Yep – you read right. Dekho 3.1 has the massive benefit of being able to link to any system that your business uses. Dekho has always been able to integrate – but the new ‘open integration framework’  that comes with 3.1 has taken this to the next level.

With the integration framework, you can accelerate integration tasks, simplify deployment and versioning. 


 MDS Foundation Maps       


Even before today’s release, Dekho 3.1 has been receiving quite a bit of press for its ability to consume and utilise MDS Foundation Maps. We knew this would be a capability that would turn heads – after all, who wouldn’t want to work with the superior base maps from MDS? And the great thing about this is it’s a built-in capability that requires no special licencing or purchase. So from now on, if you have Dekho, then you have access to the good looking (and accurate which we know is important) MDS Foundation Maps.        

Our Dekho Product Manager, Ayal Steiner, sums up benefits nicely. “It allows clients to focus on their operational data and have the base map as part of the product we deliver,” says Ayal. “We have been working for almost nine months on this release, focusing on rich user experience, simplifying integration and application maturity.”
To see just what a difference these MDS foundation maps could make to your online maps, check out the Dekho blog.        

Fresh, New Interface         

Dekho 3.1 has a cool new user interface that is fresh, clean and intuitive. It’s amazing what a bit of botox can do and our Dekho is now looking fresher than ever. Check out pics of the interface on the Dekho blog.        

Bringing GIS to more people        

Dekho creates geographic web applications that can be accessed online or via an intranet – which means that more people in an organisation have access to the power of GIS.        

Improved scalability means Dekho 3.1 supports a large user base through a scalable deployment model: and this is definitely a demand that more organisations require.        

Just take a look at Ku-ring-gai Council.        

 “The Dekho product offers greater functionality which enables Council to greatly improve our GIS web viewer. All of our 250 staff now have unlimited access to GIS whereas previously we were limited to 15 concurrent users,” says Gary Lebens, the Manager for Land Information at Ku-ring-gai Council in New South Wales.        

ArcGIS 10        

Dekho has always added great value on top of ArcGIS® Server… and now, a new feature of 3.1 is its ability to support ArcGIS 10. An ArcGIS 10 fully certified release will be available in the coming months so stay tuned…        

This is an exciting release for us and we hope you think so too! Let’s face it: there is a definite need in the marketplace for a solution that can create really great online mapping applications.  We think that Dekho 3.1 can help you do this… we hope you like it.        

For more info:        


— The Dekho Team.        

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