Want some Direction?

Hello friends! Just a friendly reminder – our next Technology Directions seminars (or “Tech Directions” as I will refer to them as, for the sake of laziness) are just around the corner. Registration is open and you have to sign up soon or else you’ll miss out! And I’m serious… The last round of Tech Directions, which ran in June/July, was at capacity – and we’re expecting these ones to fill up fast too.

So why are Tech Directions so popular? It’s because they are a source of really useful, really practical information about your GIS. Some of the best in the business will show you how you can exploit GIS to be more productive and efficient in your day-to-day job. And when it comes to work, we all want to make life easier, right? 

One of the particular reasons you should join us at one of the free, full-day Tech Directions seminars is to learn all about how the ArcGIS 10 system works – which is something we know everyone is really keen to find out about.

Since it first burst onto the scene a few months ago, ArcGIS 10 has made a big impression on the spatial industry. GIS professionals from all over the world have been snapping it up and giving us glowing feedback.  Feedback has included: increased productivity; powerful spatial analysis; more flexible deployment; expanded GIS in the field; and, a better way to share information.

So with that in mind, you can see why ArcGIS 10 is the big focus of Tech Directions. Our presenters know ArcGIS 10 like the back of their hands and are on standby to share their little pearls of wisdom with you too.

There will be loads of information covering just about anything you could possibly want to know about the new system – from 3D imagery, the Cloud and online mobile capabilities, to the new editing environment and workflow and map automation with Python.

To help you make the switch, there’ll also be a demo on how to move from 9.3 to 10, including the strategies to be aware of, how to control the risk, and how you can get the ball rolling.

There’ll also be presentations on the technology trends and market trends shaping GIS: expect some thought provoking and inspirational stuff here.

The first Tech Directions seminar kicks off in warm and sunny Darwin on the 30th of September (that’s just over two weeks away, so chop chop with your RSVPs!), then travels to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth and Adelaide, before wrapping up in Canberra on the 22nd of October.

So if you want to be better at GIS, or find out how you can leverage ArcGIS 10, then RSVP to our free Technology Directions, coming to a city near you. For more info, visit the Technology Directions page on our website or take a read of our press release.

 Hope to see you there.

– Alicia S.

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