New Training Courses Announced

Newsflash: two shiny, new ArcGIS 10 Training Courses are now available and open for registration!

First up we have What’s New in ArcGIS 10 Desktop. Basically, this course covers all the new stuff that comes with ArcGIS 10 – you’ll get loads of hands-on practice with many of the new tools and learn the workflows for mapping, editing, analysing, and documenting your GIS data.

Next up we have What’s New in Editing in ArcGIS 10 Desktop, which may sound similar to the first course, but believe me – it’s very different! This one is for all you folks who are keen to learn how to edit in the improved editing environment in ArcGIS 10.  You’ll be introduced to the new streamlined editing workflows, which provide a more intuitive experience and allow for quicker completion of data editing tasks.

To get ahead of the pack, you’ve got to do the right training – and these courses feature need-to-know material about the latest technology available.

Check out the courses online now:

Or have a read of our press release.

Happy Training!

Alicia S.

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