Darwin…thanks for having us, see you again soon

October Tech Directions kicked off in Darwin yesterday and after a full day presenting and then catching a 1.45 am flight back from Australia’s far north the guys were forced to chat with me so I could give you a rundown of the day.

Ok here it goes…

Darwin put on a good showing for our technical specialists with about 45 people turning up in the far north to the first of our tech directions series. From the day these were some of the common questions:

Tell me more about the iphone! Yes we are all (well about 95% of the population, and according to recent research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority which shows there are now more mobile phones than people in Australia. And the 2009 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index undertaken for AIMIA found that 77% of respondents used their mobile phones for a purpose apart from texting and/or voice.) in love with our phones, but they can serve a higher purpose and you want to know what it is.

When Josh V gets some time we will get him to post about how our clients in Darwin wanted to know about

1) The free Esri iPhone app

2) GIS apps for windows and android phones

3) Using a web app on a mobile device like the iPhone

 4) Using an API to make your own

 Tell me more about mobile – Darwin clients were interested in the new ability to use mobile with a desktop licence Python and ArcPy module was also popular; in fact one of our clients left this very nice piece of feedback in an evaluation form “The presentation on Python scripts was brilliant…”

Clients also liked the presentation on community engagement… “Very interesting specially the community engagement discussion”…. We are glad you found it interesting, location is pivotal to everything we do and we know that we need to get people who don’t work in GIS everyday engaged and helping us along the way by providing us with information, and hopefully we can help you engage your community.

When Kellie L gets some time we will have her provide some information on commonly asked questions around Python and ArcPy.

You also told us that you loved to see localised demonstrations (and lots of them). As a note here we are working hard to bring you demo’s which use Australia data (thanks MDS, for the great foundation map and all our other data contributors), but as this client mentioned “More user demonstrations for users please!” and “The more demos the better for introducing new functionality”.

I will investigate getting some videos up on the blog for you…

Well Darwin, thanks for having us, we enjoyed chatting about GIS and location with you and we look forward to being back soon… now onto Brisbane

Bye for now Kate R

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