ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 2.1 released! And it’s FREE!

Good news for GIS users who have always wanted to create great mapping apps without programming…

The latest (and definitely greatest) version of ArcGIS Viewer for Flex is now available for free download!

The ready-to-deploy application for ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online services, built with ArcGIS API for Flex version 2.1, is designed for those who want to customise the appearance, functionality and content of their mapping applications without the need for programming.

 The API includes a variety of cool new widgets that provide much of the essential GIS client functionality needed to quickly create good looking web mapping applications. Most of these widgets have an XML configuration file, which is why they’re so easy to customise.

ArcGIS Viewer for Flex is ideal for GIS users who want more control over the look and feel of their client mapping applications. Does that sound like you? Download ArcGIS Viewer for Flex and find out!

Or, if you want more info before you give it a go, check out a more detailed list of enhancements, changes, additions, deletions and bug fixes in What’s New in 2.1 Flex API.

– Alicia S.

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