Darwin, we’ve moved…

We are very, very excited to announce that we’ve moved to our new expanded and relocated Darwin office!

While those of you who live in sunny Darwin will know that we’ve been operating out of the Northern Territory for some time, today is the first day in our new “official” premises. An official Darwin office has been in the pipeline for some time (until now we’ve been working out of a serviced office up there) – which is why this is such a big deal for us.

There are a couple of reasons why we’ve made the move… Firstly, this new office will provide a larger local base to deliver some pretty major projects we have happening in the Northern Territory. Our team is currently working on two important projects: one for the Northern Territory Government, partnered with Fujitsu; and the other for the Power and Water Corporation, partnered with IBM.

 Just for some background…. The Northern Territory Government project will focus on developing and implementing a road asset management system, to help things run more smoothly. The project with Water and Power, the Northern Territory’s multi-utility provider, involves designing and implementing another asset management system, this time aimed at delivering electricity, water and sewerage services to the corporation’s 80,000 customers across more than 1.3 million kilometres of the Top End territory more efficiently.

As you can see, both are really cool projects. We have 17 people currently working on them, so developing a local office made lots of sense. There’s also still lots more to do on both projects – at least 18 months of work I think – and we hope that more businesses will come onboard over that time as well.

The other good thing about having a local home base in Darwin is that we hope it’s going to open the door for new opportunities with new clients. NT businesses seem to be pretty excited about us setting up shop, as they have a strong preference for doing business locally. As one of the most northern cities in Australia, being in Darwin also better positions us to expanding opportunities in the South East Asian region. It will also mean we can work more closely with our offices in Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

So that’s our latest news . Feel free to give us a call and arrange to take a look at the new premises. Our Darwin telephone number will remain the same (phone: 08 8924 9200) and the new address of the office is 5 Whitfield Street.

Looking forward to seeing you around the streets of Darwin soon.

– The Esri Australia team

PS – if you’re dying for some more info, you can always check out our press release which has lots of quotes from our MD Brett Bundock and our Darwin PS Manager, Bill Martin.

PPS – we will be having an official opening celebration in the coming months. Stay tuned…

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