Brisbane…over 165 attendees…

Tech Directions touched down in Brisbane yesterday with over 165 of our fellow GIS colleagues coming to find out more about the trends which are shaping our industry and how we as a community are responding…

So what happened in Brisbane?

Well for one thing, the geospatial revolution. Have you seen it? The geospatial revolution discusses how what we do as GIS specialists and people who work with geography and location everyday is affecting everyone! “The location of anything is becoming everything”… enough said, really great stuff.

But it doesn’t just start and end with the geospatial revolution; we need to know where to start and how to get there. And, there are some really great features in ArcGIS 10 that help us connect the dots and make the revolution come to life in our organisations, including resources. ArcGIS 10 is a lot about resources… I’m not going to say anymore, come along to Tech Directions to find out for yourself…

Some of our Brisbane attendees told us “I’m inspired to try new things” and that is fantastic.  As far as we here at Esri Australia are concerned that is great news. There are so many new and cool things and we really want to help you get these things happening in your organisations. Like for instance understanding how community engagement is more than social media but a rich source of data and information that can help you manage your assets, serve customers and much more.

To give you an update on numbers, tomorrow we are in Melbourne and we are expecting around 180. Adelaide is closing today… so if you haven’t registered get in fast and Canberra is closing tomorrow. As I mentioned in an earlier post we are pretty much at capacity with all our directions events for October so if you are in SA or ACT, jump on the website and register now….

I’ll chat to you tomorrow about what takes place in Melbourne.

Bye for now

Kate R

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