Location Intelligence Pivotal to Insurers

Hi All,

I’m Telma Cordeiro and I’m responsible for heading the FSI sector for Esri Australia… and yes, this is my first blog so bear with me – it will get better and more creative no doubt!  

Recent years have seen the uptake of Location Intelligence in the Insurance sector as a fundamental business solution, changing the way we look at risk, make decisions, interpret data and collaboratively work together.

You would have heard the term that “a picture paints a thousands words” and I would add that “a map reveals incredible secrets, tells a story and unleashes creativity”-  hmmmm curious!

More on the topic – Location Intelligence assists Insurance organisations by providing greater understanding of risk, identifying opportunity, and management of claims triage with a direct correlation to profitability. Find out more  in our podcast.

Great day to all,

Telma Cordeiro

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