GeoDesign Summit is on the horizon…

Just letting you know about yet another event on the horizon that you should keep an eye on. This is one for those of you who are interested in what we “in the biz” call ‘GeoDesign’. From the 6th till the 7th of January 2011, professionals and academics from around the globe will be heading to Esri’s headquarters in Redlands for the second annual GeoDesign Summit.

So what’s GeoDesign all about?

In a nutshell, GeoDesign introduces geospatial technologies into any type of design process – so that could be something like developing a community project or something like conducting scientific research.  Those who choose to attend this event will be involved in the development of GeoDesign concepts, technologies, and tools that will advance how our global society approaches design. Exciting stuff.

The keynote speaker is a really interesting man, architect Kimon Onuma who is president and founder of Onuma, Inc. Onuma, which is based in California, is touted as being “a unique blend of building and software architects”. The company uses an integrated design approach for its projects and services for the building industry, using building information modeling (BIM) and other technologies such as Geographic Information System (GIS) software.

Find out more about the event, and what you stand to gain from attending here.

FYI – Rego’s must be in by 3rd of December.

– Alicia S.

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