Tech Directions….top 5 take aways.

Well this round of Tech Directions has been and gone.

3 weeks, 8 cities and over 1,100 attendees turned out to see what is happening in our industry, the latest trends which are influencing how we as a GIS community work and what our clients and consumers expect… and to see ArcGIS 10 in action.

So after speaking with our presenters, looking at ALL the evaluation forms (a big thank you, we have made some changes already based on your suggestions; i.e. an agenda handout will be provided at the start of the event as well as on the blog) and attending an event myself, here are the top 5 take aways from Tech Directions.

1) Community engagement IS influencing the way we deliver GIS and location based services and outcomes. Yes, it is true and it has been “spruiked” as a trend for quite a while now, but this is more than just a trend. Communities comprised of our customers and end users are involving themselves in more ways than we can keep up with and more than just social media. But the challenge is harnessing this engagement and making the information useful. It can be done. One critical thing to remember is that you need to make sure you understand why you are doing something. As a GIS group, we know we can do some very cool, very complex things, but does this always serve the end purpose which might be as simple as to provide an iPhone app to ratepayers to report graffiti or broken assets? It isn’t a complex idea but the end outcome can be a community that helps maintain their city and helps government manage their assets.

2) The iPhone and iPad apps… take a look at Josh’s blog post for more info here.

From an attendee…“The future looks very exciting, especially in the mobile space”

3) Python – more python please: one attendee commented they “found python very interesting”. 

Golden rule from Kellie L is >>>  Copy, Paste, Play (but responsibly 🙂 ) <<<< go to help or the geoprocessing centre, download the examples and put it into the NEW python window  in ArcMap, hit enter see what happens… it will be something good. Check the free resources on Esri’s website including a free seminar on Python

4) Query layers – you can pull information right out of supported databases. “Query layers provide you with more choices for data access”, says Josh V….

5) And last but certainly not least… ArcGIS 10 – improved usability, better performance. I will let some of the attendees speak here…

“10 looks fantastic, 10 looks brilliant”
“Loved ArcGIS 10 can’t wait to use it especially the 3D analyst”
“I feel I am ready for the ArcGIS 10 Empire…good stuff”
“Thanks, I want 10!”

So as we wrap up, for those that attended we hope you found the day useful.  We really enjoy getting around the countryside and talking with our clients, knowing that you are as passionate about location intelligence as we are…

Keep your eye out for some more wrap up posts from our presenters. For more feedback from clients, check out our wrap up press release.

Bye for now,
– Kate R
PS – A couple of attendees wanted a list of acronyms, we will post a guide shortly

One thought on “Tech Directions….top 5 take aways.

  1. CD Brown

    May I add to this list that it is awesome to see a Community driven project demo’d from Kellie ustilising some core functionality of ArcGIS Desktop as well as some Quality management using ArcGIS Data Reviewer.

    As a community we tend to disseminate our data and not always understand whether it will completely meet requirements. Unfortunately Quality Assurance seems to be a little bit like Metadata. . . better left to someone else, as such automated review just makes sense, keep up the level of awesome @ Directions


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