GIS and The Cloud

Cloud Computing is quickly emerging as a technology that everyone can leverage. The technology and architecture that Cloud service and deployment models offer are a key area of research and development for GIS technology.

Esri Australia’s Phil Persson has recorded a couple of handy little videos for us, that explains what Cloud Computing and how you can use it to your advantage. Watch them below now!

Part One:

Part Two:



Phil sums up: a snapshot of Esri and the Cloud

What is the “Cloud”:

What are the benefits of using a Cloud service:

  • No upfront capital expenditure on IT Infrastructure to host own service
  • Running costs are minimal
  • Reduces internal staff for management of infrastructure
  • Pay for what you use – Service can scale up or scale down when you need it

Where is the Cloud going:

  • Fully seamless hosted solution
  • Easy to take the Cloud service from one provider to another
  • Breaks traditional geographical boundaries

Esri & Amazon:

  • Have partnered together, there is now an Esri Amazon Machine Image (AMI) available
  • AMI is just a virtual server image
  • Esri AMI includes:
    • Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition
    • IIS7
    • ArcGIS Server 10
    • ArcGIS Desktop 10
    • SQL Server 2008 Express
    • ArcGIS Server has been pre-configured (just needs an Esri License)
    • Licence model = Bring your own license at the moment, but there are future plans to release a package bundle with access to Amazon EC2, the AMI, Esri software and usage costs (meaning one payment for all services)

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