Happy GIS Day folks!

Today is GIS Day! Happy GIS day everyone!!

GIS day is all about celebrating the role that GIS plays in the world, and raising awareness. It’s celebrated in more than 80 countries world-wide.

How have you celebrated this most special of days?

Phil Punter on GIS Day

Here in the Brisbane office, we celebrated with a very creamy and delicious GIS Day Cake and Phil Punter, a Principal Consultant at Esri Australia, gave a speech on why GIS Day is worth celebrating.

“About two million people use GIS everyday to perform work that makes our world a better place to live,” said Phil. “I’ve been working in the GIS industry since 1985 – and with Esri Australia for 13 of those years. I think GIS Day is a great initiative and a wonderful way to celebrate the importance of GIS.”

All of our seven offices, Australia-wide, marked the occassion with cake. Every year, to support GIS Day, we send out GIS Day Kits to clients who register, to help them celebrate too. This year, we had an impressive number of people electing to get involved in the celebrations and request a GIS Day Kit. We can’t wait to see photos and hear how your celebrations went! 

Our ‘Happy GIS Day’ Cake…


Before                                                      After
So tell us, how did you celebrate International GIS Day? Did you do anything to commemorate the occasion?  Comment and let us know!

– Alicia S.

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