A map that turkeys can be thankful for…

Tough times for turkeys! I love it when I find a good map that illustrates the magic of GIS on a very simple level, themed with a subject that captures our interest. That’s why this fun Esri map caught my eye. 
For Americans, Thanksgiving is coming up this week. And while here in Australia, Thanksgiving is a non-event, I still found this map quite entertaining.

Americans love turkeys, domestic and wild. They buy them, and hunt them…. and of course, eat them. While the fate of most turkeys in the US is certain, this maps shows where a turkey might find some safety. For this map, Esri combined data for consumption of turkey, gravy and stuffing, with data on where people hunt with shotguns. Locations with low consumption or low hunting provide a margin of safety. People in cities and suburbs tend to eat more domestic turkeys, while people in rural areas hunt more.


– Alicia S.

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