Geospatial Revolution episode #2

I have just sat down to watch the second episode of what I thought was a really cool video the first time around and my initial thoughts were… can they deliver something which is just as entertaining with a great message and some interesting facts… yes they can.

Episode #2 of the Geospatial revolution is probably more poignant in terms of what we do as GIS professionals than the first episode. More than half the world’s population is now urban, this presents us with new challenges to which we need to find new solutions.

Highlights include:

a)  UPS using GIS… check out these stats 

>> 60,000 drivers averaging 225 km a day (140 miles)

>> If they can shave 1.6 km (or 1 mile) off the distance each driver travels a day

>> This translates to saving:

               = 32, 187,000 kms (20,000,000 miles) / per year

               = 7,570,820 litres of fuel (2,000,000 million gallons) / per year

               = 20,000 metric tonnes of carbon going into the atmosphere / per year

Not to mention all the other benefits……. 1 mile a day out of 140 is all it takes…

b) Gov 2.0 is really being put to work. The episode gives a great example of how Portland in the USA is using location intelligence and geo-spatial information to communicate with their ratepayers via all sorts of ways including mobile apps, to improve the delivery and transparency of information, but also how answering these challenges aren’t just a feel good initiative they are really helping the local government align their spending and priorities…  Fill out our Gov 2.0 benchmark study 

It also talks about how Portland is really looking at how their city is developing using GIS technology, but with a very specific goal in mind. To ensure that all city programs work towards achieving the goal of 90% of their citizens living within walking distance of most things they need by 2025…

Also featured in #2 is a LIDAR… we will try and follow up with Gordon S our resident Esri Australia LIDAR expert to give you some more info on what is happening in the world of LIDAR.

I highly recommend grabbing a coffee and taking 15 minutes out of your day to watch this episode, it really does highlight some of the great work our colleagues are doing in the world of GIS around the world.

Kate R

4 thoughts on “Geospatial Revolution episode #2

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  2. Kate R Post author

    You are right Ross this is focused on the US and we do have some great examples here in OZ and NZ. I know of a couple of examples which Esri Australia will be talking about shortly… can’t give too much away but stay tuned.

    Also draw your attention to some work we have just completed with VicRoads, helping them to manage 52,871 kilometres of Victorian road. The solution will attract 500+ users you can check it out at TechWorld (

    If you want to read about an Australian logistics case study, I recommend visiting here

  3. Ross Johnson

    Agree, it provides excellent exposure to the many applications of geospatial technology….but watching it, I had to ask myself…where are all the Australian and New Zealand examples?


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