Ozri 2011: Call for Papers NOW OPEN!

If you’re a client of ours, then you’ll know, Ozri is kind of a big deal for us! It’s our annual national user conference where clients, business partners and colleagues from all around Australia get together to share ideas and talk about the latest happenings in location intelligence. It’s a really great event, an excellent opportunity to network with other GIS professionals and the perfect place to get inspired about what GIS can do for you, your organisation and the world.

Ozri is massive – hundreds of people fly in from around the country for it – and it’s something we really look forward to putting on. Which is why I wanted to let you know that today, we have officially put out the Call for Papers! If you’ve had a great experience with location intelligence, or have a GIS that others should know about, then you should get involved!

Presentations should highlight how GIS and location intelligence is being used to push the boundaries – how you are using it to solve real-world problems. The key theme for Ozri 2011 is ‘connect, build, optimise’ and we want presentations to reflect this theme.

If you think your GIS has what it takes, then share it with the world and let us know!

You’ve got a little bit of time to put something together – abstracts must be submitted by Friday, 25 February 2011. We wanted to let you know early because at the rate this past year has travelled, Feb 25 will come around before you know it! For more guidelines or to submit your abstract, click here!

Hope you’re as excited about Ozri as we are!

– Alicia S.

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