Flying High with Location Intelligence

It’s amazing how many different industries leverage location intelligence.  

Take the Westralia Airport Corporation (WAC) for example, who have just become Australia’s first airport to use enterprise-wide location intelligence.

WAC own and operate Perth Airport, Australia’s fourth largest airport in terms of passenger traffic. Perth Airport has experienced the highest passenger growth rates of any Australia capital city airport. More than 10.4 million passengers travelled through Perth Airport in 2009/10 and total passenger movements per year are forecast to more than double to 18.9 million by 2029.

To meet this growth projection and also prepare for the expansion of terminal facilities, WAC wanted to gather more data across the airport estate, taking multiple safety and security, operational, environmental, customer service, commercial and service infrastructure factors into account.

How did they do this? Why, with location intelligence of course! 

“Through the implementation of Dekho, we now provide all staff with GIS access through self-serve maps,” says Shannon Browne, the GIS Administrator at Perth Airports. “These can help with anything from planning the location of a new vending machine through to scoping the environmental impacts of building a new warehouse on the estate. With so many stakeholders using location intelligence to get a greater insight into their working area, staff are better informed and therefore empowered to make better business decisions.”

Learn more about how location intelligence is leveraged by WAC…
Read the Success Story.

– Alicia S.

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