Local Government ELA- when the GIS department is not enough

Across the board, we are seeing the use of GIS maturing into the enterprise space, with Local Governments leading the charge. Local Governments are realising that it is no longer good enough to just rely on the GIS department to answer their location questions.

With location issues permeating all LG business workflows, leading local governments have turned to integrating spatial information across their enterprise. “GIS” can be found at the front desk helping staff answer rate payer queries right through to the CEO having live access to spatial  information on their mobile phones.

Because of this trend, Esri Australia has put together an Enterprise Licence Agreement (ELA) package, which is an agreement that is designed to meet your Council’s enterprise-wide GIS needs through the unlimited provision of core technology for a designated period of time. This makes it much easier for LG’s to get on with deploying the right GIS capabilities to meet organisational and end user needs and not having to focus on business cases for new software purchases.

The benefits of this offer are:

  • Time savings – get what you need, when you need it.
  • Faster roll out of GIS related projects
  • Simple centralised  control over GIS licencing and access
  • Architectural flexibility
  • Improve ROI on GIS investment

Bass Coast Shire signed an ELA earlier this year and although it’s still early days, Paul Lennox, the GIS and Data Systems Coordinator for the Bass Coast Shire Council said they’re already happy with their choice. “It provided the mix of products that we wanted at the very best price,” he said. “The ELA benefits the Council as it provides a greater functionality for GIS managers and users and offers high-end modeling and analysis.”

Read more about Bass Coast Shire’s experience here, or find out more about ELAs on the Esri Australia website.

– Pat G.

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