A day dedicated to Local Government

On Tuesday 30th Nov we held our first “Solutions for Local Government” event in Sydney in a number of years; it was great to be back. The event was hugely successful with approx 50 attendees from LGs in NSW, some travelling in from as far afield as Dubbo and Wagga Wagga for the day.

Here’s a summary of my top 5 topics of the day…

The Esri Local Government Resource Centre – The LG Centre is an Esri initiative to provide resources such as database schemas, map and application templates for LG to use as a basis when designing their own content – and it’s free. You can keep up to date for new resources and how to use them on the Esri Local Government blog. This was news to many of the attendees and you are welcome to provide your feedback on what you’d like to see available on this site.

Mobile Applications – Lance Conry from Rhino Software travelled up from Tassie to present his experience on how you can make mobile GIS work. Lance has worked with many state and federal agencies on mobile applications including overcoming some challenging issues along the way and had some interesting approaches to share. Lance has blogged about his presentation here.

Deployment options for web GIS – Josh took us through considerations for GIS web applications deployed in either the internal environment or public facing web and examples of each. As well as the top 10 rules for online mapping.

LiDAR (image, left) – This was a popular topic as most people in the room have some LiDAR data but few are actually using it. Kellie showed us how LiDAR data can be used and what sort of analyses you can do within ArcGIS.

Parcel Editing – James showed us how the Survey Analyst extension has changed with ArcGIS 10, where you can find the tools and how they can be used. He also talked about how you can migrate your parcel editing over to an ArcGIS 10 environment.

Check out our website to see the presentations from the day. Looking forward to future events and to including some presentations from the community sharing your ideas and projects.

– Megan H.

2 thoughts on “A day dedicated to Local Government

  1. meganjhughes Post author

    We have many sites looking at social media and it’s potential to capture location based data. This is really the beginning of the trend and I think we will see many Esri users in Australia taking advantage of this technology in the next year or two.


  2. Ross Johnson

    Dear Megan.

    Thank you for this summary and presentations as I was unable to attend on the day.

    You may wish to bring this to the attention of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) who’s members represent a large Esri user base. The contact for the SSSI NSW committee is chair.nsw@sssi.org.au.

    Do you know if many local councils starting to use social media in their communication with Esri, as well as their online mapping?

    Seasons greetings, Regards Ross


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