Esri’s 12 Days of Christmas

Just had to say, I’m loving Esri’s 12 Days of Christmas mapping initiative. Great way to get into the holiday spirit!

Though it may be highlighting our materialistic nature and is all based on US data, it’s all in good fun! Short on gift ideas? Or, curious about where the biggest demand for typical holiday purchases is across the U.S.?  Over twelve business days, Esri is showing us the areas where demand is highest for the season’s most popular presents.

 On the first day of Christmas…

This one is for the kids… Toy buying!! This map of the U.S. by county was created using Esri’s Market Potential data for children’s toy or game purchases over the last twelve months.  

Click on the image to view it up close.

On the second day of Christmas…

Are you planning on buying a mobile phone (of iPhone) for someone this holiday? This map utilises Esri’s Market Potential data to illustrate the potential for mobile phone purchases in the last twelve months by county in the U.S.  Areas with a higher likelihood to purchase cell phones are shaded in dark red. 

Click on the image to view it up close.

On the third day of Christmas…

Cameras are always a coveted holiday gift.  While selecting the best camera can be a daunting task, many of you will either give or receive a camera this holiday season.  If not, you are sure to use one to take all of those holiday pictures!

This map uses Esri’s Market Potential data to show U.S. counties by the potential for purchasing a camera in the last twelve months.  Areas shaded in dark green are more likely to purchase a camera.  

On the fourth day of Christmas…

 Esri gives to you….a map of the market potential for video game systems in the U.S.

It seems as though every holiday season brings a brand new video game system to the market.  Because they appeal to all ages and genders, video game systems tend to sell out quickly around the holidays.  So where in the U.S. are households likely to purchase video game consoles?  Areas shaded in dark red are more likely to purchase a video game system.

 To catch up with all the other days of Christmas, check out the Esri Business Analyst Blog.

– Alicia S.

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