How top restaurants drive market share with location intelligence

If you’re in the restaurant business (or just about any business that deals with customers really) and you have a spare hour to burn, then you might want to watch this webinar about how top restaurants drive market share with location intelligence.

It draws the focus on a leading restaurant network that gained a ‘first mover advantage’ by integrating and analysing its demographic and spatial data much more rapidly than the competition, to close on premium retail outlet locations.

We all know that retailers all around the world, from banks to department stores, are increasingly turning to location intelligence to quickly identify the most profitable trade areas and retail locations. Location intelligence can answer important questions of where your next branch, office or outlet should be located, or how effectively existing ones are performing. With GIS, you can blend customer information and statistics with market information and use analysis tools to assess market penetration, market share, customer patronage, and surplus and leakage in market areas.
 This webinar explains that concept in more detail and provides clear tips on how to leverage an existing IT infrastructure to gain the first-mover’s advantage in any location-focused vertical market.
Learn how smart restaurateurs leverage location intelligence to:

•  Secure top locations, accurately forecast sales and share growth
•  Identify trade areas based on fast and reliable segmentation
•  Accelerate market analyses by eliminating silo bottlenecks
•  Select best media spend using circulation, cable, carrier routes
•  Calculate precise CPM for reach, redemption, other KPIs and more

At 52 minutes and 53 seconds long, it’s not a webinar for the time poor. But the information presented is interesting and ideas you walk away with are worthwhile. You also have to register your deals but once you do so, you have immediate access to the webinar.

Register to watch it here.  Happy learning!

– Alicia S.

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