2011 – A fresh start…

I can’t believe it is 2011 already! In the spirit of keeping all of those New Year’s resolutions I wanted to share some tips that will help you save time and increase productivity at work in the new year!

  • Use the new Search capabilities within ArcGIS 10 to search by keywords or data types to find data, symbols, and maps quickly.
  • Remember the Catalog window at ArcGIS 10 is part of ArcMap. It has all of the same functionality for data management that ArcCatalog has, without having to wait for another application to open.
  • Save time by using the image analysis window for image interpretation and processing.
  • When you are ready to upgrade your geodatabases, use the Upgrade Geodatabase tool (in the Data Management toolbox).
  • Instead of reloading data in your geodatabases every time an update is sent to you, geodatabase replication can simplify the process by synchronising changes quickly and easily, when updates are made available.
  • The new storage format for map caches are ArcGIS 10: the compact cache makes caches easier to move and store. Use the Convert Map Server Cache Storage Format tool in the Server Tools toolbox to convert your exploded caches to a compact cache.
  • Thinking of providing clients with a web interface for your spatial data? The ArcGIS Viewer for Flex is an easy way to get an application out there with functionality from map navigation to editing.

Great functionality with an easy to interface.

  •  Quickly share and access data using ArcGIS Online. Not only can you share your data with colleagues or a wider audience, you can also access high-quality basemaps, data you don’t have to maintain in-house!
  • Use ArcGIS Explorer presentation mode to produce and share presentations showcasing your GIS information.

– Kellie L

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