Certification is here…. Are you prepared?

Esri Technical Certification has launched in Australia (and around the globe).  You can be involved, all you need to do is visit the dedicated certification page and click on…

Hang on a second, how do we prepare? The website states that most exams can take up to two and half hours. You can cover a lot about GIS in that time. When I was preparing I was a little bit daunted about the scope of topics I needed to cover in my preparation.

So, how do you prepare? And are there any resources to help? – –  These are both valid questions – – and you know my answer is going to  be “yes of course there is more info”.  In the training bulletin this month, we chatted to Jamie Rosa from Esri’s Certification program and asked her these very questions. You can read the bulletin to see in detail what Jamie had to say, here is a bit of an overview.

Information on how to prepare is specific to each exam, so the best place to start is the main certification page

from here you can choose the exam you want to know more about, for example…

You can then click through to exam specific information describing the breadth of knowledge required for a particular exam. The information drills down to show you a check list of the particular skills and knowledge that will be covered in the exam.

Reading through the skills measured list can help define a personal gap analysis, giving you an idea of what areas you may need to review. To help with your assessment each exam overview includes exam specific training resources available including online Esri Training Seminars, Web Training and Instructor Led courses, most of which we run locally.

Esri Technical Certification Exams encapsulate a number of key skill sets that can be followed when defining new roles. As a manager, the ‘Skills Measured’ section is a useful check list highlighting key proficiencies. This can be used when developing particular roles and skills within your team.

The dedicated Esri Technical Certification page is the perfect first step to getting prepared for your certification exam.

Laura B

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