GeoDesign Summit 2011

Well, the GeoDesign Summit has come and gone and we felt it high time to write a little blog on the event (please excuse our tardiness). Held by Esri in Redlands, California, from the 6th till the 8th of January, it was an invite-only event of about 250 of the brightest minds in academia, architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and planning. And GIS of course!

GeoDesign  was defined at the event as “a design and planning method that tightly couples the creation of design proposals with impact simulations informed by geographic contexts.” Jack Dangermond, the founder and president of ESRI, is one of the main drivers of GeoDesign. And while Esri held the event, Dangermond was quick to state that the concept should be inclusive and not purely the domain of Esri. His passion on the subject was palpable: “GIS is changing rapidly, infecting and affecting everything that people do. Where it will go to bring our science, our understanding, and our modeling together gives me the chills.”

There’s loads of great resources from the GeoDesign Summit that you can explore for yourself. There are some good summaries of the event here  or here. Or for those who are more visual, there is a whole series of videos from the event, including speeches, presentations etc here

Did you go to the GeoDesign Summit? Would love to hear your thoughts!!

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