Mapping Cyclone Yasi

The effects of Tropical Cyclone Yasi in North Queensland have been devastating and our thoughts are with everyone in North Queensland.

Esri Australia's Cyclone Yasi Map

We’ve developed a map that shows the impact of Cyclone Yasi, using information supplied by The Department of Transport and Main Roads and The Bureau of Meterology.

Click here  to view it.

Cyclone Yasi Social Media Map

Social Media Map

Esri have also created a map that allows you to view continuously updated Cyclone Yasi information. The map tracks newsfeeds (Twitter, YouTube etc), precipitation, and storm surge information.

View the social media map.

Our thoughts remain with all who have been affected by this tragedy.

2 thoughts on “Mapping Cyclone Yasi

  1. DJustice

    Expected far more tweets on the map considering they were flying out at one per second for four days. I don’t see the “100” only 5 or 6

    1. Alicia S Post author

      Hi there! Thanks for checking out the map. As a default, the Social Media map shows Tweets where people have tagged #tcyasi. You can change the search term – so you can search just #yasi or yasi or cyclone, and different tweets will come up. There are probably hundreds of thousands of tweets relating to Cyclone Yasi – but as each tweet features different key words and tags, you will need to search for the relevant key word to bring them up. The same applies for the Flickr and YouTube searches.

      Due to the sheer volume of tweets out there, we are only able to feature the latest 100 tweets from the twitter superhighway. Also, not all tweets are geocoded… only a very small percentage of those tweeting have enabled the location attribute for their tweets! So we are only able to feature geocoded tweets on the map.

      Hope this helps. Have fun playing with the app!


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