Gov 2.0 Benchmark Study: The results are in!!!

For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath – the wait is over! After weeks of compiling and analysing all the responses to our Gov 2.0 Benchmark Study, the results are in! Judging by the responses given by our Council participants, aligning with Gov 2.0 initiatives is a priority and will change the way many councils operate.

So will GIS play a critical role in the future of Gov 2.0?

“Very much so,” responded one local government. “Geo-tagging information will be critical to the whole thing.”

“GIS is the vital link to all our information,” said another Council. “I think it provides the primary access point for the community to give information and for the government to receive it.”

Yep, judging from the Study results, there’s no denying Councils see GIS as an important ingredient in bringing the concepts of community engagement, transparency and government accountability to fruition.

We created the benchmark study to shed some light on not only how local governments currently use GIS, but how they would like to use it to enable their Gov 2.0 initiatives.

Just over half of Councils who participated indicated they were experiencing pressure from their community to comply with the principles of Gov 2.0 – particularly when it comes to making their Council information easily available online and engaging in social media (Twitter, blogs, Facebook to name just a few).

“There’s definitely a growing expectation that information should be easily available to the community,” said a survey respondent.

Many Councils seem to be looking towards Enterprise GIS as a way to extend the benefits of location intelligence to their communities. The smartest way to do this is through an ELA (or Enterprise Licence Agreement (ELA). For those unfamiliar with what an ELA covers, it’s basically an agreement that is designed to meet a Council’s enterprise-wide GIS needs through the unlimited provision of core technology for a designated period of time. In a nutshell, it’s a smart way to give more people access to GIS and to deliver the value of location intelligence across your council and to your community.  You can learn more about ELAs here.

Anyway, I think that’s enough from me – I’ll let you discover the rest of the results for yourself.

Just register your details on this page  and you’ll get immediate access to a more detailed overview.

Finally – thank you to all the local governments who participated in the Benchmark Study! Without your contributions, we would not have been able to glean such wonderful insight into how Councils want to use GIS to enable the principles of Gov 2.0! As a thank you, you should have received the exclusive and complete benchmark study results. If you haven’t, please email us.

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