A little Ozri Inspiration

The months are just flying by and Ozri, our annual national user conference, is edging closer and closer.

 If you’d like to get involved in one of Australia’s largest, most important GIS conferences and share your experiences, then we’d love to hear from you!  There’s just a couple of weeks left (Call for Papers closes 18 March) to submit abstracts for Ozri.

So why should you get involved? Why not find out from a previous presenter!

We caught up with one of our star presenters from our last conference, Raymond De Lai from the Herbert Resource Information Centre (HRIC), to find out why he chose to present and what he got out of the experience. Enjoy our interview and have a great weekend!

EA: So Raymond, why did you choose to present at Ozri?

Raymond De Lai: We had just implemented a unique and cutting-edge Enterprise GIS solution and Ozri gave us the opportunity to share with peers what we had done. Presenting at the conference also helped get my Board’s support to attend the conference, which is a great learning and networking opportunity.

EA: What was your presentation about?

RDL: Gareck Packer and I presented on the implementation of the HRIC Enterprise GIS solution. Our solution was quite unique in that it involved establishing an Enterprise GIS that links together six organisations and a whole community. Our solution was cutting-edge and done with minimal resources.

EA: Why were people interested in hearing your story?

RDL: From the feedback we received afterwards, there was a lot of interest in how a small organisation with minimal resources was able to implement an Enterprise GIS solution using Esri technology. In particular, people were interested in hearing the business benefits of Enterprise GIS and why we went with an Esri COTS solution rather than an OpenSource solution.

One of Raymond's happy memories? Meeting Jack Dangermond, who presented at Ozri 2010.


What was the most valuable part of the experience for you?

RDL: Other than meeting and being photographed with Jack Dangermond, the most valuable part of the experience was sharing our story and experience with other GIS professionals and building relationships with peers.

EA: What was a presentation that you remember (and why did you find it interesting)?

RDL: The Koala Diaries presentation was a presentation that was memorable. It showed how GIS can benefit the community and what Esri Australia does to help community organisations.

EA: So Raymond, truth be told: would you recommend presenting at Ozri to others?

RDL: Definitely, yes. Even now, we are still contacted by people who saw our presentation and are interested in our strategy and business analysis for our Enterprise GIS solution. The information sharing that has come out of this has been tremendously beneficial.

EA: Thanks for the feedback Raymond – we’re glad you found Ozri to be so useful!

(Find out more about HRIC and their innovative GIS system here).

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