ArcGIS Mobile and the Queensland Floods

The recent floods have devastated communities throughout Queensland, northern New South Wales and Victoria. Following the disaster in Queensland, community spirit came to the fore as everyone did what they could to aid relief and start rebuilding.

Behind the scenes, many location intelligence professionals worked tirelessly throughout the disaster by offering GIS support and expertise to help relief efforts move forward.  There are many examples of government agencies and relief groups using location intelligence to create sophisticated mapping applications that convey important information to the community, as well as aid and illustrate the scope of the response.

One example lies with the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service who worked with Esri Australia and Esri’s Tom Patterson, an expert in emergency management who flew all the way out from the United States to assist our team to provide the very best GIS support possible.

We came across this clip on YouTube that demonstrates the important role that GIS, and particularly ArcGIS Mobile, played in the relief efforts. It’s short and simple, and clearly shows how ArcGIS Mobile enabled people who were working in the field (often literally in flood water), to rapidly convey critical data back to headquarters to support emergency relief. It’s definitely worth a watch. As the video says, ‘Here’s to the most geospatially proficient fire department in the world’.

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