Services Corner: Transport Infrastructure

Every month, our consultants work with organisations from many industries, to help them get the most out of their GIS.

This month, we chat to Ronnie Steyn, one of our Professional Services consultants, to find out about a big transport infrastructure project he’s been assisting with.

EA: So tell us about what’s been keeping you busy lately Ronnie?

RS: We’ve been working with a state government agency focussing on transport infrastructure management and operations. They came to us because they needed a better way of accessing all their thousands of pieces of information and data. Prior to seeing us, their asset, human resources and financial information was held in over 500 disparate, aging applications that were poorly integrated and generally incompatible. As you can imagine, they wanted to boost efficiencies and productivity by bringing all this information together in to one system. That’s where our consultants came in.

EA: What makes this project important?  

RS: Well, the Client initiated the project because they wanted to provide staff with a single web based authoritative source of business data. They wanted a user friendly interface so staff could easily access the location based information that was already available. The project also aims to optimise business processes, rationalise, and integrate existing information systems.

EA: How long have you been working on this?

RS: We’ve done a few projects with this client. The most recent one has taken around six months.

EA: What sort of services did you offer the client?

RS: We partnered with the client, as well as third party vendors, to provide an integrated solution.  Our consultants served on the Performance, Planning and Technical Committees. We provided Solution Architecture and Design Services, as well as custom development of Dekho based on user requirements. We also installed and configured Esri ArcGIS Server and Dekho in Client Environments. All of these services where essential to the success of the project and ensured the client walked away with the very best solution.

EA: What are some of the tangible outcomes for the client?

RS: In terms of location intelligence, our client is a leader in its field and can now visually represent its infrastructure and provide up-to-date information to the user through a central user interface. This saves considerable time and is a more accurate, efficient way of operating.

EA: Why have you personally enjoyed working on this project?

RS: I enjoyed it because it gave me the opportunity to learn about Dekho customisation and learning FLEX as a programming language. I have not been involved in development for a while so it was nice to get my hands dirty again.

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