Esri Australia’s 2011 Defence Day is just around the corner…

Below is the agenda for our 2011 Defence Day which is taking place in Canberra on Thursday, 24 March. Defence Day is a free, full day event for Defence professionals. It’s about demonstrating how location can be leveraged across the spectrum of Defence to enhance operational advantage, and will go beyond just the traditional areas of GIS users.

We have some great presenters, including Brian Sloan from Defence who will be discussing the Defence 2010 Geospatial Strategy. A couple of international guests will also be joining us to provide an international perspective to the day and of course some of the Esri Australia team will be presenting as well.

So if you are in Canberra on March 24, are part of the industry and location is your thing, then join us at Hotel Realm. Registration closes on Thursday, 17 March 2011.

0830 – 0900    Registration

0900 – 0930    Welcome – overview of the day’s program and introduction to the focus of the sessions.  There are many opportunities to leverage location for operational advantage within Defence and this session will highlight some of these key areas.
Simon Hill, Esri Australia

0930 – 1015
    Following the release of the Defence Geospatial Strategy 2010, this presentation will discuss what the Strategy means for Defence and provide an insight into the role of the Geospatial Innovation Centre. Brian Sloan, Department of Defence 

1015 – 1100    Morning Tea – time to catch up with your colleagues

1100 – 1145    Providing an international perspective, this presentation will showcase international examples of Defence organisations who are leading the way in leveraging location for operational advantage, resulting in significant benefits.
Mike Quin, Esri 

 1145 – 1230    This presentation will provide some examples of how we  work with technology providers to combine technologies for your benefit.  See examples that demonstrate how location can be leveraged to enable a greater outcome.  
Francisco Urbina, Esri Australia

1230 – 1330    Lunch Break

1330 – 1430    This is an interactive session that will demonstrate how location can be leveraged across the spectrum of Defence to gain operational advantage.
Maree Wilson, Esri Australia

1430 – 1500    To conclude the day, this presentation will discuss the importance of understanding your business requirements and work through the steps and considerations of a GIS needs assessment.
Dave Peters, Esri 

1500 – 1510    Wrap up

1500 – 1630    Closing Drinks

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