Trip down memory lane: CFA’s Ozri presentation

Ozri 2011 Call for Papers ends this Friday (18 March). As one of Australia’s largest GIS events, Ozri is a unique experience  and a valuable opportunity to get an audience with some of the spatial industry’s brightest minds! But don’t just take our word for it – to find out why you should submit an abstract, heed the advice of your industry peers!

Last week, we interviewed the Herbert Resource Information Centre about their experiences presenting. This week, we speak to Chris Blackstock from the Country Fire Authority, to find out why he thinks presenting at Ozri is so worthwhile.

EA: Why did you choose to present at last year’s Ozri?
CB: We saw presenting at Ozri as a great opportunity to showcase one of our successful projects to the wider spatial community.  It is also a great opportunity to meet and network with others from the emergency services and spatial industries from around Australia.

EA: What was your presentation about?
CB: Our presentation was about a field mapping application, CFA EIMS Mapper, which we have developed over the last few years.  The EIMS Mapper is a simple to use field mapping application designed to undertake incident data capture, share data, map production and provide incident activity visualisations for all CFA personnel.  

EA: Why were people interested in hearing your story?
CB: I hope they were interested in seeing how we had developed a very simple yet powerful tool that could be used without much training or computer and GIS knowledge.  The users of this application are most likely going to be fire fighters and volunteers working in a high intensity and high stress environment.  So to give them the ability to capture fire ground data, share it with others and create maps has made this project a real success.

EA: What was the most valuable part of the experience for you?
CB: The experience of presenting at an international conference was a great opportunity.  We also made a lot of contacts with others working in this area and got to see how other organisations and states had approached the same sort of problem.

EA: What was a presentation that you remember?
CB: It is really interesting to see how others had approached the same problem so the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service ATOM project was one that was of significant relevance to us.  It is also interesting to see the latest developments from Esri Australia and the directions they are pushing.

EA: Would you recommend presenting at Ozri to others?
CB: Ozri is one of the biggest spatial conferences in Australia so it is a great opportunity to see other industry projects and new developments.

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So what are you waiting for? With only five days left till Call for Papers closes, we think you should submit an absract now!

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