Bringing GIS to Gen Y

Maps are going mainstream!  The benefits of GIS are no longer restricted to the IT department.  An increasing number of organisations are using GIS to create engaging, easy-to-navigate online maps for public consumption.

Map of wheat in NSW

Take for instance this recently developed ‘map app’ targeting the FaceBook and iPod generation who want to jump right in and start using this technology themselves. For this crowd, instruction manuals are not an option!  An initiative of the Land and Property Management Authority, it is a self-proclaimed ATLAS of New South Wales: ‘your gateway to government information using the latest in geo-spatial technology”.

Using GIS, they’ve brought the 200 page book “The Atlas of New South Wales’ to life, introducing it to a whole new audience of gen Y consumers.

The end result is a comprehensive interactive map of NSW that requires no third party plug-ins that can be run on any web browser.  It allows the user to navigate anywhere in NSW and explore maps of population, agriculture, crime, history and elections to name but a few.

Map of domestic violence in NSW

This simple to use application provides lots of statistics for any chosen area of NSW, with the added ability to obtain historic information for specific areas relating to levels of crime for example.  It provides the user with heaps of data concerning a particular area of interest, this may be useful for home buyers looking to move to a new area but have concerns regarding recent crime levels.

This application also provides details around elections and changes occurring from the mid 1800s to more recent years; it even shows early European settlements.  Very cool stuff.

Discover the map for yourself! (Warning: highly addictive and easy to lose track of time while discovering these amazing maps!)


– Kim B

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