Australia’s Geology Laid Bare

Our guest blogger, Charles Pauka, is the Editor of Spatial Source.

Today’s blog comes from Charles Pauka, the Editor of Spatial Source – Australiasia’s online source for surveying, mapping and geoinformation.

Over to you Charles!

 Anyone who has an interest in geology – whether from a professional viewpoint such as mining, or purely through personal fascination – can now glean geospatial information about Australia’s geology thanks to the CSIRO and AuScope.

The new open-access network of geospatial data and its supporting infrastructure – known as the Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) – has been developed and launched by the CSIRO and AuScope, in collaboration with other research organisations around Australia.

SISS users can discover, browse, save and process geospatial information from earth science data sources around Australia. They can view data, filter the data based on user-specific queries, and download data to their computer.

Find out more about the SISS here.

Until next time,

Charles Pauka
Editor, Spatial Source

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