Training get together

Hi everyone 🙂

In a few weeks I will be heading off on a jet plane to the User Conference in San Diego, California!  

I am extremely excited, mainly by the opportunity to hang out with hundreds of other like-minded GIS nerds, run around to as many presentations as possible, collect as many Esri related marketing gadgets as I can fit in my suitcase and eat mountains of American food (I’ve heard you can order drinks over there in litres….)

However (on a more professional note) I am also really looking forward to catching up with my counterparts from around the world. The training manager role (or slight variations of) is present in many Esri distributors around the globe; Esri Germany, Esri France, Esri Canada, Esri UK etc all have a Training Manager and as such we are continually looking to each other for advice and information.

This year’s meeting will be an informal gathering where we will discuss subjects such as how other distributors are going with certification, what new courses are popular, if people are heading towards virtual training and any other training related hot topic. I’ll report back on any good GIS gossip I find!

Until then 🙂


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