Location Intelligence Powers WA

We have a new case study for you! And this one comes from the far west…

Western Power, one of Australia’s largest energy providers, has a vitally important role: ensuring the reliability and quality of power to a million customers connected by more than 95,000 kilometres of power lines.

And when a range of uncontrollable external factors – from bird strikes to bushfires – can disrupt power supply, it’s imperative that problems are quickly identified and rectified.

For this reason, Western Power requires a complete view of their network to effectively meet the region’s energy needs.

Western Power must be able to proactively understand and manage the state of their network; which is not only critical to delivering good customer service, but also ensures compliance with industry regulations and maintains good System
Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and System Average Interruption FrequencyIndex (SAIFI) ratings.

Click the image above to read the entire Western Power case study.

To achieve a complete view of their utility and the area they service, they use a sophisticated enterprise-wide location intelligence solution that leverages Dekho.

“We partnered with Esri Australia’s professional services team and selected Dekho to improve our asset and network management across the board,” said Neil Canby, Program Manager at Western Power.

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