Workshops at Ozri 2011

October is fast approaching which means so is Ozri 2011! As you can see the registration brochure is now available and I’m very excited about the program this year. There is a fantastic mix of technology topics that will arm with you the latest workflows and ideas to take back to the office and try out yourself. We also have an amazing selection of client papers this year – some that I can’t wait to see, ranging from sessions on engaging through social media to unearthing convict history!

This year we are also running 2 workshops on Wednesday the 12th of October, prior to Ozri 2011 starting officially. These workshops are a chance to spend 2 hours working through some of the most exciting parts of the ArcGIS software and hear from the experts how to streamline your workflows. This year we are offering the following workshops:

  • How to Tame Python
  • Letter to the Editor – 10 is Geotastic!
Information about the workshops can be seen on page 9 of the preliminary program, but to give you an idea of what they will cover I have spoken to the presenters to get the low down on what you will see.

How to Tame Python

Do you need to streamline your workflow?  Do you have repetitive tasks that you would like to be able to run outside of ArcMap?  Do you want to see Python and understand how useful it can be for your workplace?  If your answer is yes to any of the above, then “How to tame your python” might be just what you have been looking for.

During this workshop we will be covering how to write simple python code to automate tasks such as:

  • Uploading data into a corporate geodatabase on a recurring cycle;
  • Data validation and checking;
  • Clip, zip, ship methodologies;
  • Performing repeatable analysis;
  • Building python into ‘easy-to-use’ tools in ArcMap; and
  • Making your scripts portable.

Most importantly this workshop will give the participants an introduction to the large amount of material out there within the Esri and Python community to assist you in your Python learning journey, and how to string geoprocessing tools together in Python to achieve their desired workflows.

The workshop is designed for people who have dipped their toes into Python before, or have sat on the edge waiting for right moment to jump in….

Letter to the Editor – 10 is Geotastic!

Creating and maintaining quality data is always the first step in any GIS workflow. It is usually also the most tedious. This workshop will guide you through some of the new editing features for ArcGIS 10 that will help you improve your editing workflow and also some tips and tricks, from the experts, that will save you time, and mouse clicks. Some of the topics that will be covered in the workshop include:

  • Updating, transferring, and modifying features;
  • Advanced Editing techniques, including creating features geometrically;
  • Editing with geodatabase topology; and
  • Editing features with the Parcel Editor

Come along to this workshop if it feels like your editing world is taking over your whole world, and learn how to beat the editing blues!

Kellie L

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