Virtual World Technology Takes You ‘Back to the Future’

Imagine going on real-time virtual trips through foreign cities and mountain-top vistas with digital arrows pointing to top restaurants and tourist spots, all from the comfort of your armchair.

Well, this is just part of what lies ahead in the exciting world of GIS according to one of Australia’s leading data mapping experts.

Esri Australia Principal Technical Consultant Phil Punter said GIS supported technology would usher in a new era of near carbon-free tourism, change the face of real estate, and initiate unparalleled safety standards for renovators and tradespeople.

“Futuristic movies like ‘Back to the Future II’ used to be pure fantasy, but emerging GIS-backed technology is actually closing the gap between our imaginations and reality,” said Phil.

“Imagine being in your living room and watching as your walls turn into the streets of Tokyo, revealing the real-time sights, sounds and happenings of the city.

“You could walk around your home experiencing what’s happening in Japan’s capital at that very moment – all without catching a plane or a train, and producing the tiniest fraction of the carbon footprint created during an actual visit.

“GIS technology will help make this possible within the next decade.”

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