Flood zone toolkit released to Queensland councils

The QRA Interactive Map, developed with Esri Australia, now shows the most detailed flood plain map in Queensland's history

There have been some great stories in the media lately about the Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s  (QRA) “Planning for Stronger, More Resilient Floodplains” report, which provides Councils – especially those who have perhaps historically lacked the resourcing capacity to undertake these types of studies – with a ready-made toolkit to help assess future development applications and the opportunity to better align floodplain management and land use planning.

It’s supported by an online floodplain assessment overlay map that was developed with Esri Australia. The layer can be viewed on the Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s interactive map.

Articles that ran in Queensland’s Courier Mail newspaper and Spatial Source are insightful looks at the role this flood map will play in the future of Australian government and development. Major General Dick Wilson, the head of the QRA, will be attending Ozri in a few months and will no doubt discuss the importance of these new flood maps.

Read the article in the Courier Mail.

Read the article on Spatial Source.

Or go straight to the source and take a look through the QRA’s website!

2 thoughts on “Flood zone toolkit released to Queensland councils

    1. Alicia S Post author

      Yes – with roads and transport, buildings and housing, economics, human and social, evironment, and now floodplain mapping, users certainly have access to lots of info!


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