The Ozri learning bubble

If you have a flip through the Ozri program you can see there’s more on offer this year than ever before.  As usual though, there is a lot to choose from including technology focused sessions and panels focussed on best practice and industry trends. From a training perspective, I like to think of Ozri as one large learning bubble… For example, there will be:

  • Technical presentations to show the tools, explain best practice, discover workflows and better ways of approaching tasks
  • Case Studies highlighting the use of the software
  • And of course the user presentations showcasing innovative applications of Esri GIS.

There’s certainly lots to take in, but there is no doubt you’ll be inspired but what you can do when you get back to the office or back out in the field.

All the Esri Australia presenters will talk about any additional information you might need to know about their session. So, you’ll walk away with the awareness of what additional resources are available and which training courses are relevant to the topic.

And of course come and chat to any staff at Ozri about where you can find out more about any of the technology you’ve seen. If you want to find out specifically about training course options, Learning and Services Credits and Esri Technical Certification, then come and find me.  I’m happy to have a chat in the coffee queue, by the booth or if you’ve got time we can sit down and piece together the best training options for you.
If you haven’t already registered you can do so at

Look forward to seeing you there.

Laura B

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