From the sordid to the heroic, Ozri 2011 is set to arrive in just 3 weeks!

Well folks, with just under three weeks until Ozri 2011 ‘kicks off’, our excitement is certainly building – and we hope yours is too! This year, we’ve organised an incredible line-up of Australia’s leading geo-enabled businesses, councils and government agencies, as well as international industry specialists, who will all be sharing their words of GIS wisdom come Ozri.

There’s been lots of announcements over the past few weeks and some of the latest include…  

  •  Major General Dick Wilson, the newly appointed chair of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA), will deliver his unique perspective on the role of spatial technology in the devastating 2011 natural disasters;
  • Damian Spangrud, the Senior Product Developer for ArcGIS, will draw on his 17 years experience with the product to provide exclusive insights into ArcGIS 10.1 and the future direction of the technology; 
  • A panel of spatial thought leaders will discuss the increasingly pervasive role of GIS across varying industries;
  • Technical specialists will demonstrate how to deploy mobile GIS across the enterprise, how to store, manage and analyse imagery effectively and how ArcGIS can be integrated into other business systems; and
  • Some of the most fascinating geospatial projects of our time will be uncovered… such as how the GIS-driven excavation of a notable Tasmanian prison revealed a history of illegal prostitution.

You can take a closer look at the program here and don’t forget to register!

See you in Melbourne!

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