Ozri 2011: Let’s talk technology!

Let’s get technical! Kellie Lacey, the Technical Director for Ozri 2011, took some time out from her busy schedule to give us a low down on some of the cooler technology highlights we can expect to see at Ozri.

EA: Hi Kel, thanks for chating with us – we know you’re frantic with all the planning! So tell us, from a technical perspective, why is Ozri 2011 so noteworthy?

KL: Ozri 2011 is Australia’s chance to see technology that is the future of the geospatial industry. To see the technology showcased not just as individual pieces of software, but as a complete system is something that many clients don’t have an opportunity to see at other times. All of the presenters are excited to be showcasing the new ArcGIS 10.1 functionality, but also to share their expert knowledge in their specialty fields. Ozri is also a fantastic opportunity to meet with Esri Australia’s technical staff, talk face-to-face with us, ask any question you would like, and get advice and solutions to issues that you are having. Clients also have an invaluable opportunity to network with their peers – everyone knows that hearing stories from people in the industry, about what issues they have had and how they have tackled them is information that is hard to get outside of Ozri.

EA: Can you list some of the topics that people will be learning about at Ozri?

KL:  There is a pretty long list of topics that we are showcasing at Ozri this year, it’s hard to pick which ones we should highlight. The usual suspects are there including geodatabases, cartography, imagery and data integration but this year we are really focusing on:

  • How to deliver maps, imagery, geodatabases and tools, as a web service;
  • The critical role cloud computing will play in future applications of GIS;
  • How to easily package maps and layers online and share them with colleagues or the general public – while maintaining ownership of the content; and 
  • How dynamic legends, editor tracking and new LiDAR interaction tools will make desktop workflows faster and smarter.

I think that anyone who comes to Ozri this year will walk away not just with tips and tricks, but a whole world of new possibilities as to how they can utilise ArcGIS to provide comprehensive solutions within their organisation.

EA: What type of unique insights will attendees at Ozri get into ArcGIS 10.1?

KL: There are so many exciting new features coming in 10.1 that I believe people will be able to instantly see the value of the changes to their organisation. My passion is for developments within ArcGIS Desktop, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. To see features like dynamic legends, key numbering for labels, new generalisation tools and improvements to the editing environment makes me appreciate just how much attention Esri and their developers are paying to user feedback (you can tell I’m a real geo-geek when I get excited)!

But I don’t want to be accused ignoring our other technology! I have installed ArcGIS Server 10.1 Beta and it is faster and much easier to install and configure! There is a whole new publishing experience and it includes out-of-the-box web printing. Josh and Phil will take attendees through a lot of the new features in ArcGIS Server in their What’s New session. We have sessions on Mobile and the Geodatabase as well where attendees will see the differently mobile APIs, from the iPhone through to ArcPad and ArcGIS Mobile, as well as a new file geodatabase API in action, and a new geodatabase administration tool.

EA: Why is it important to have this early perspective into ArcGIS 10.1?

KL: Pre-planning. One of the responsibilities that many attendees have when they go back to their offices is to not only report back on the features they saw, but be able to provide a plan of action for the coming years within their organisation. It is important to know for example, that if you want to utilise the new 3D functionality that is coming with 10.1, investing time and energy in converting your data into true 3D features stored in the geodatabase, will benefit you right now, but save time and increase efficiency for the future as well.

EA: What type of perspective will Damian Spangrud bring to your presentation in the plenary?

KL: It is really fantastic that Damian is coming to Ozri this year. He holds on to such a huge amount of information about ArcGIS, background information on why certain decisions have been made, and a road map for the future. I think that we all sometimes forget that Esri has a very human face to it, and there are developers and product managers who really sit down and hash out all of the details of the software. They make decisions based on our feedback and get an insight into that process I feel is really important. I’m really excited to be working and presenting with him (and hoping to absorb as much information as possible from him!).

What’s one of the cool technical achievements people can expect to hear more about at Ozri?

KL: We have some really interested topics that will be covered in the plenary – from how GIS is delivering a compelling insight into threats facing sea turtle rookeries – to how it’s helping visitors to South Australia’s largest cemetery find their loved ones. In one of the presentations, a Tasmanian client is sharing how GIS was used to unearth the unexpectedly sordid past of a 19th century Tasmanian women’s prison…. A history of illegal prostitution! But I can’t say too much must– people have to come along and hear all about the technology and how are clients are using it for themselves!

EA: Thanks so much Kel! See you at Ozri!

KL: My pleasure! I hope I’ve been helpful! If you’d like to register, visit www.esriaustralia.com.au/ozri

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