Ozri 2011 – this time next week.

Did you know Ozri turns 25 this year? Things have certainly evolved since 1986… and this year at Ozri, there’s one particular thing that’s new, Certification. When you’re at Ozri next week, I want you to take note of what some of the Esri Australia staff are wearing: special badges that highlight qualifications in Esri Technical Certification!

It’s not just about fashion (although they do look pretty cool) – Esri Australia staff have been testing their knowledge of Esri software and many have been going back to what they were doing in 1986.. sitting exams!  Make sure you check out who is wearing an Esri Technical Certification badge, and have a chat to them about their experience.

Esri Technical Certification is available to all Esri users and is a way of recognising individuals who are proficient in the best practices of  Esri technology.

There is plenty of information on the Esri Technical Certification page but make sure you come and ask one of our Certified staff about it (you can tell who they are because they’ll be wearing the badges!).

Look forward to catching up next week,

Laura B.

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