Ozri Update: Esri Australia’s Booth has a big wall.

This year, Esri Australia is using a 3×3 Plasma wall for the booth at Ozri.  This hi def, audio visual eye candy will be a place for Esri Australia staff to share demonstrations with conference delegates.  We may even show some photos of attendees on Friday, so look out. 

One of the demos that will be available uses Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect.  Although not a production environment, and certainly not something we consider to be ready for consumers, the demo shows some insights into other ways people can interface with computers beyond the common keyboard and mouse.  It has been a fun experience building the demo over the last few weeks, although I have had some strange looks from my colleagues as I wave my arms in pan zoom happiness.

You will also be able to see demos using Esri’s ArcGIS 10.1 beta.  10.1 is due for release next year, and by all accounts it is the most exciting release I have seen in quite some time, well, since 10 really but hey, every time we get close to releasing new software, something just warms inside me and renews my excitement in being in the software game. 

The new features and performance improvements in 10.1 will make everyone using ArcGIS more productive.  In a time when we are constantly asked to do more with less, this software delivers.  Trying to investigate new areas of geographic study is only possible if we can save some time somewhere else.  This release not only gives you that saved time, but also provides you with new spatial algorithms to kick start those new studies.  The wall display will showcase some of these enhancements.

Come by and check out the display, and if you haven’t registered for Ozri yet, you better get in quick.

Ben S.

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