Ozri Update: Major General Dick Wilson Delivers 1st Keynote


Major General Dick Wilson delivers the Ozri Keynote Speech

This morning, attendees at Ozri were treated to a very special presentation: Major General Dick Wilson, the Chair of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority and the Director of the Defence Intelligence Organisation, delivered Ozri’s opening keynote speech.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Major General backstage – he is a fascinating person who was very excited to be at Ozri and share the QRA’s experiences with GIS.

As the Major General mentioned in his speech, the Queensland flood crisis continues to remain at the forefront of many people’s minds – but for GIS professionals, it has a different kind of relevance. GIS played a crucial role in emergency response and recovery – and the wonderful work the QRA has achieved due to spatial technology is testimony to that.

Today was one of the Major General’s first public appearances since taking over from fellow Major General Mick Slater as QRA chair last month.

After opening his presentation with a montage of powerful footage from the flood and cyclone crisis, Major Wilson provided his perspective on the disasters and spoke of how spatial technology had an increasingly important role in coordinating recovery from natural disasters.

The Major General spoke of the important role of GIS at the QRA

“Queensland was hit with seven separate disaster events in just a few short weeks,” said General Wilson.

“Much of the State was affected by wind or water – sometimes several times over. The sheer size and scope of the disasters meant that we needed ongoing ways to rapidly acquire and share accurate information about areas hardest hit, and to monitor the reconstruction effort.”

And that’s where GIS comes in. The QRA’s Interactive Flood Map uses GIS to identify the interim flood line so Queenslanders can see the impact of waters in their area and provide feedback if the information needs to be refined. Mapping was undertaken for more than 200 towns and cities across the State.

The Interactive Map contains updated reconstruction imagery, information on the pipeline of reconstruction works, and floodplain mapping information to help local councils with any future development applications in flood-prone areas.

General Wilson gave a unique perspective into how the nation's largest reconstruction effort is unfolding

The Major General’s presentation provided a unique insight into how the nation’s largest reconstruction effort is unfolding – and it’s encouraging to know that GIS technology is helping the Authority put Queenslanders back in the homes and rebuild entire communities.

You can access the QRA Map here.

For any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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