Ozri Update: The Plenary

Ozri 2011 is well underway! Damian, Cisco and I just walked off stage from the opening session of the Ozri 2011 plenary. In just over an hour we looked at the direction that technology is taking for the next release of ArcGIS, as well as just a small sample of some of the amazing stories of how our clients here in Australia are using ArcGIS right now.

GIS is no longer just an acronym that people need explained to them. GIS is becoming embedded in every aspect of our lives and is pushing beyond traditional boundaries of simply map making, to making the amazing work that we do available to other professionals in our organisations and to customers and communities. ArcGIS 10.1 is the complete system that provides the platform for GIS to connect, Build and Optimise the work that we do.

Damian and I looked at the top 5 (well maybe I snuck in a few more than that!) for ArcGIS 10.1 across all platforms including dynamic legends, handling of LAS files and Lidar tools, the speed of network analyst tools within the Server environment and the new ArcGIS Runtime.

We then moved to the online story – ArcGIS Online – the platform to make the work that you do as a GIS professional available to your entire organisation, using GIS as a holistic tool to provide insight and understanding. It’s all about enabling all users to share their data, whether it is maps, data, imagery or even geoprocessing tools, between professionals and professionals, and professionals to everyone.

Seeing what everyone is doing and achieving with the software is one of the most exciting things for me, and this year Cisco and I were lucky enough to be able to share 4 examples of how ArcGIS is being used to drive policy making, help endangered species, and to aid in getting our planes on the ground in one piece. I think that everyone who is using ArcGIS in their organisation should really feel proud of the work that they are doing and know that the map that you create, the tool you build or the web application that people see are all reasons why GIS is such an important part of our world today.

Kellie L.

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