Ozri Update: What’s New in Desktop

Just walked out of the first What’s New in Desktop session – so much to cover and such little time!

Damian and I spoke about a lot of new features including new tools to help streamline and improve the editing experience. I could definitely feel the excitement when I showed the new editor tracking functionality, a key new feature that can be enabled easily for any feature class through Catalog.

Mapping and visualisation, something that I am extremely passionate about also generated some ohs and ahs as attendees saw for the first time the new dynamic legend capability that can even be integrated with Data Driven Pages, as well as the enhanced searching capability and generalisation tools.

I think however the most impressive and definitely one of the most exciting new parts of 10.1 is our complete 3D solution. Through Esri’s acquisition of Procedural, producers of CityEngine, ArcGIS users will now have a complete management, analysis and visualisation solution for 3D, with some amazing capabilities.

CityEngine and the role that it will play in Esri’s core offering generated a lot of fantastic questions – some that we could answer, and some that I will definitely get back to you on as more information comes through – so watch this space!

And remember if you didn’t make it to this afternoon’s session, Damian and I will be back in Room 105 tomorrow, Friday, at 3:45pm, so come along and finish off Ozri 2011 hearing all about What’s New in Desktop!

Kellie L.

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