Ozri Update: Best Practices for Designing Effective Map Services

The Ozri 2011 conference theme is Connecting, Building and Optimising.  Wayne and I led our audience through a number of points regarding our topic: Best Practices for Designing Effective Map Services.   During the session we focussed on the “Building” and “Optimising” aspects of Web Map Services.  We illustrated ArcGIS Server’s capabilities during the session with demonstrations of the three ways of serving maps and data using Esri’s web mapping technologies.  The three map serving techniques shown were: Dynamic Map services, Cached Map Services and Feature services.

Whilst Dynamic and Cached map services have been available for some time, the latest addition to Esri’s web mapping capabilities is the Feature service and Wayne looked at the optimisation aspects of this new capability.  We also looked at ArcGIS Server’s logging capabilities with the view to interpreting the logs to guide map service tuning and optimisation efforts.  We showed some very simple tools for high level analysis of ArcGIS Server logfiles which will be made freely available after the conference.

Finally, we looked at an interesting example of using web search engine capabilities to create a catalogue of ArcGIS Server instances from around the Internet.   At a high level, we explored a number of benefits and some implications related to this interesting capability.

Phil Punter

To find out more about this presentation or topic, please contact us via email.

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