Ozri Update: Creating a GIS Strategy

From Vis (The Latin root of “to See”) to Visions to Visionaries in 30 minutes, my presentation today explored the concepts, models and decision making processes that need to be considered when looking to create a GIS Strategy.

Vis (or visualisation) is often the starting point for GIS, and today we looked at a number of websites using different GIS visualisation techniques. We then moved onto talking about how organisations visualise their future, and formulate their vision, using an example from Australia’s Commonwealth Bank.  In formulating a GIS vision, GIS Maturity Models are a key consideration.  We looked at the concepts behind GIS Maturity Models, their links to business decision making levels and the Location Intelligence value derived.

Visionaries are the final link in the GIS strategy process, and are essential in setting the pace within organisations at a strategic decision making level using thinking for the future.  I consider everyone who attended my presentation to be a GIS visionary within their own organisation!

Taking the time to work through these concepts, models and decision making processes really delivers results in developing a clear roadmap for your organisation’s GIS.

Phil Punter

To find out more about this presentation or topic, please contact us via email.

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