Ozri Update: Is your GIS Gov 2.0 Ready?


This morning I delivered a presentation on “Is your GIS Gov 2.0 Ready?” I covered why this remains an important issue especially for local councils because ratepayers have truly embraced the services Gov 2.0 delivers.

The benchmark study undertaken by Esri Australia identified that 73% of respondents consider the principles of Gov 2.0 important, with 54% believing that their council community is starting to expect compliance with these principles. I’m guessing by the nods in the audience that more resources would assist in building maps and apps to support Gov 2.0 and that’s where the ArcGIS Local Government Resource Centre can help.

It’s a great place to connect with other Local Government GIS Professionals and with freely available maps and apps on the Local Government Gallery, you can configure these focused apps into your ArcGIS with your authoritative data in a simple and meaningful way.

 I also shared our simple yet focused app that enables the public (ratepayers or otherwise) to submit non-emergency service requests, interact with local government staff and share information with the public.  I demonstrated how   to configure,  publish and serve a  map using ArcGIS Server and City of Manningham’s data.

I encourage you all to have a good look at the ArcGIS Local Government Resource Centre  and try out the maps and apps!  Hope you’re enjoying Ozri 2011!

Jeremie C.

To find out more about this presentation or topic, please contact us via email.

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